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High Power LED Spotlight

6W MR16 Spot lights

6W  MR16 Spot lights
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  • Product Name : 6W MR16 Spot lights,MR16 Spot lights
  • ProductNo : LX-SL-MR16-6W
  • Input Voltage : AC/DC12V
  • Color : CW;PW;WW;(red;yellow;blue;green;amber)
  • LED Efficiency : 90-110 lm/w
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) : >70±5%RA
  • Working Temperature : -20 ºC ~ 45 ºC
  • Lifespan for LED lighting source : > 50,000 hours
  • Certification : CE&RoHS&SGS
  • Manufacturer : Shenzhen Lux lighting Co.,Ltd.
Shenzhen Lux Lighting Co.,Ltd 6W MR16 Spot lights,MR16 Spot lights Manufacturers


Product Features:
Energy saving: low power, more than 80% of the energy saving than traditional halogen lamps.
Environmental protection: no radiation, no mercury, lead, completely recyclable.
Long life: 30,000 to 50,000 hours, which is 10 times the traditional lamp.
High quality aluminum casing: aluminum alloy case, a simple and beautiful, the thermal structure of science.
Independent research and development, modeling, and automated mechanical assembly.
High-quality light source: LED lamp beads for the use of prominent light, each one can reach 100 - 120 LM.
Constant current drive: constant current drive power of well-known electronic components enable high performance, to enhance the overall performance.
Safe use of: Low voltage, low heat, easy to install.

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Widely used in commercial and home lighting
Such as interior lighting: shopping centers, hotels, bars, Western restaurant, coffee shop, home decor, window displays, shop corridors, staircases and so on.
Local lighting and lighting: art, jewelry, antiques, calligraphy and painting art picture lighting applications.

Installation Notes:

Cut off the power before installation to prevent electrical shock, avoid hand touch the surface of the lamp at work.
This light should be avoided in the heat source and the hot steam, corrosive gas, so as not to affect the life span.
That the installation location before installation can withstand 10 times the weight of the product.
This product is for indoor use only, outdoors, waterproof.
Installed in a flat place with no vibration, no swing, no fire hazards, to be taken to avoid high-altitude drops, hard object collision, percussion.
Light in the course of their work to avoid face luminous body with your eyes. 

Download product specifications:MR16 49×62.5mm 6W Specification

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