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LED Grille lamps/led panel lights

LED Grille Lamp

LED Grille Lamp
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  • Product Name : 40W LED Grille Lamp
  • ProductNo : LX-DP12030-40W-AC
  • Input Voltage : AC 85-265V, 277V/305V 47-63Hz DC10-28v
  • Color : CW;PW;WW;(red;yellow;blue;green;amber)
  • LED Efficiency : 90-110 lm/w
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) : CW/PW: Ra≥80;WW :Ra≥75
  • Working Temperature : -40 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
  • Lifespan for LED lighting source : > 50,000 hours
  • Certification : CE/RoHS/FCC/UL/KEMA
  • Manufacturer : Shenzhen Lux lighting Co.,Ltd.
Shenzhen Lux Lighting Co.,Ltd. LED Grille Lamp,40W LED Grille Lamp Manufacturers


LED Grille Lamp


(1) leading power design, long service life

(2) mercury-free, lead-free and other harmful substances harm the environment

(3) energy-saving, environmental protection, high brightness, relatively traditional Grille save about 80% of the electrical energy

(4) Instant start, no glare, no humming, no flicker

(5) from radio interference

(6) No UV, infrared,

(7) The slim and lightweight, fine circuit design, single LED lamp beads damage will not affect the overall glow and service life

(8) The light-emitting uniform soft, comfortable, yet bright, relieve eye fatigue, emitting angle is wider

(9) the appearance of simple, stylish, elegant appearance

(10) installation quick and easy alternative to the same specifications as the ceiling or Grille Lamp hanging on the wall, or through a chain hanging in the roof

(11) in the case of unstable voltage constant current driver can ensure normal operation panel light

(12) The product has passed the CE, RoHS certification



Hotels, meeting rooms, factories or offices, commercial use, residential or public facilities, schools, hospitals need energy saving and high color rendering index lighting places.



Product specifications Download:LED Grille Lamp Specification(LX-DP12030-40W-AC)

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