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New led street light posters

          LUX Lighting COB LED street light is featured with streamlined "dolphin" design and excellent heat cooling system. It is a newly-designed COB LED
street light by Lux Lighting. The housing is made of aluminum by high pressure die-casting. The series of LED street light have 3 different models where
30W-80W, 80W-140W, and 150W-210W LED street light are available for the replacement of high pressure sodium (HPS) street lights. The street light is
equipped with special honeycomb shaped optic glass lens, giving off high light output ratio upto 98%. Besides, its beam angle is available in 130 degree
and 140degree, moreover, beam splitting asymmetry design solution to uniform light distribution is specially used. However, most importantly, unique
heat dissipation groove of 360 degree is specially designed for the purpose of highlighting heat conductivity performance and lengthening lifespan of
LED street light.
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