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GaN LED Shipments to Exceed 100 Billion Units In 2013

According to IHS isuppli's research's report titled “Q2 GaN LED Supply and Demand”, more than 100 billion GaN LEDs will ship in 2013. It means that there are 15 GaN LEDs for every person on the earth.
In our daily life, there are many articles using LEDs. Mobile phones generally contain 5 or 10 LEDs and televisions contain LEDs numbering up to the hundreds, LED consumption is clearly large. And GaN LEDs account for 85% of total revenues in the LED industry. The GaN LED market is part of the total global LED market, including AlInGaP and other LEDs.
“If we consider the total LED market—including AlInGaP, GaN and other LED types—the $10 billion revenue and the 100 billion unit shipment levels were actually reached in 2010. But now in 2013, Revenue for GaN LEDs alone will reach up to $10 and the shipments will exceed 100 billion,” Said Jamie Fox, principal analyst for Lighting and LEDs at IHS.
The GaN LED market has got enormous growth in recent years. Revenue in 2013 is forecast to double from that of four years ago, while unit shipments this year will have more than tripled since 2009. The next strong growth is expected in 2014 via general lighting along with other applications such as TVs and tablets, and then growth will slow after next year.
The market this year for GaN LEDs in lighting is projected to reach $3.4 billion, on its way to $6.7 billion by 2016. In contrast, the market for GaN LEDs in TVs will start declining as manufacturers reduce the number of LEDs utilized per television for newer technology requiring fewer LEDs. The revenue for GaN LEDs in TVs will reduce 7 % on average every year during the next several years.
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