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lighting in a hotel project renderings

lighting in a hotel project renderings

Design concept
Use the most appropriate lighting, the achievements of the best lighting effects. Concise and vivid impressionistic performance practices, and emphasize the characteristics of the building, through the light and heighten the atmosphere.

Lighting design Detailed

Room is at the heart of the hotel room is a temporary home for guests of the journey, this home has a variety of functions: Horizontal, den, living room. Room lighting should take full account of these factors should be used warm colors to create a warm, cozy environment. Rooms available to guests more than just a space to rest, is more about enjoying and caring, a good light environment, it is the key to reflect the hotel grade. Therefore, beginning in the design from the user point of planning space function, a more sophisticated and comprehensive services to meet the actual demand, the overall room look warm and comfortable, excellent privacy, artistic brilliance and taste matched.

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