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LUX lighting of an office building project

LUX lighting of an office building project


With the development of society, the office building on the lighting technology is increasingly high, this is done by our Nanjing office lighting design, office, workplace, it's lighting a long time, the lighting apparatuslife and energy consumption has more stringent requirements. Therefore, not only to consider the daily lighting needs of the office area, but also environmental protection and energy saving effect; the same time, but also reflects the principle of people-oriented, to provide staff with a smart, energy-saving, comfortable, high quality office environment.

The office decoration highlights the minimalist fashion style, quite modern.Lights, natural light, and Lang Kesi panel lights, combined with the overall design of the office, on the basis of full use of natural light, consider the views and psychological needs of employees, LUX panel lights provide a morehigh level of illumination, while in the design, we also avoid the glare produced by the body interference

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